Periodontal Surgery

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What is periodontal surgery?

Periodontal surgery is the main cause of tooth loss in patients over 30 or more. This disease is caused by a bacteria that is found on the plaque.

A first stage of the disease is gingivitis or gum inflamation, that is treated trough dental hygienes at our center and goog hygiene habits at home. If the treatment hasn’t been started in time, plaque bacteria gets to the bone that is underneath the gums and cause a chronic but progressive loss. Bone wear around the roots derives in mobility and long-term tooth loss.

Is there a treatment for gingivitis?

Treatment for gingivitis involves surgery that is necessary to remove the infection and, when possible, restore the structures that the inflammatory process has destroyed. It is necessary to empty the infection sacs that appear on the gums when there is bone loss. It is usually made trough curettage to clean deeply and it requires anaesthesia and is done per segments. It is a very succesful and non-invasive treatment.

When the disease is under control is when treatment could be initiated to restore the missing tooth. The patient needs to be involved in good hygiene habits to guarantee the treatment succes.

If you have got gingivitis symptoms and you do not want it to get worse, book an appointment online.

Periodontal Surgery

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